Antique Cafe & Bar Downtown Asheville

Antique Cafe & Bar Downtown Asheville

Downtown Asheville Cafe

Antique Cafe & Bar Downtown Asheville. Your visit to Asheville is made complete by a visit to World Coffee Café. From morning to night, we serve espresso specialty beverages, Counter Culture drip coffee, local Mother Mountain Herbals a local herbal tea provider that uses local Southern Appalachian medicinal herbs, plants and flowers. Enjoy local pastries & desserts, appetizers, beer, wine and craft cocktails.

World Coffee Cafe has a street side patio that features live music during the Spring, Summer and Early Fall.

We invite you to experience historic Asheville and our completely restored 1920′s Sullivanesque 9 story skyscraper known as the Asheville Flatiron Building.  This wedge shaped building is bounded by Battery Park Avenue and Wall Street in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. Antique Cafe & Bar Downtown Asheville

Explore Asheville’s beauty from World Coffee Café’s Skybar who’s entrance is on the 8th floor. These heated balconies are high above downtown Asheville and have mountain sunset views that stretch 100’s of miles. Our craft cocktails and appetizers are designed to welcome visitors from far and wide in a great place to meet local business and service provider contacts. World Coffee’s host, the Asheville Flatiron Building, is home to over 60 businesses including, attorneys, church and youth ministries, renewability engineers and all manner of healers and therapists.