Welcome to ASHEVILLE and the World Coffee Cafe

Welcome to ASHEVILLE and the World Coffee Cafe has indoor and outdoor seating situated in the 1926 historic Flatiron Building at 18 Battery Park Asheville, NC. A great meeting place for locals and visitors alike.


Welcome to Asheville and the World Coffee Cafe! Enjoy our unique atmosphere, friendly community, and delicious coffee. World Coffee Cafe is located on the bottom floor of an amazing nine story 1920′s Sullivanesque Skyscraper.

Come see why over 150,000 locals and tourists visit us every year. The World Coffee Cafe boasts eclectic decor from around the world, featuring ancient cultural artifacts that we invite you to explore. We are Asheville’s downtown favorite for house-made Appalachian herbal tea blends created by Mother Mountain Teas and freshly roasted coffee by our local fair-trade coffee roaster, Counter Culture.

World Coffee Cafe features a full liquor bar with a full menu of coffee cocktails. We also have a back bar that opens during busy summer afternoons and evenings to serve shots and mixed drinks. The back bar is next to our Green Room, a meeting space perfect for spending time with friends or making music on our well-tuned upright piano. Just across the hall in the lobby is a vintage grand Kimball piano; this piano may be played with permission from the baristas and/or elevator operator (pending suitable skill level).

World Coffee Cafe also hosts the SKYBAR which opens from Spring to Fall. The SKYBAR features a full bar and offers a variety of infused liquors and craft cocktails. With magnificent views of the Western Appalachian mountains, the terraced bar is a great secret hideout for locals. The evening views are amazing and often accompanied with a local dj or occasional musical group.


You can access the SKYBAR if you and your friends are 21 and over.

Enter through the 20 Battery Park entrance and check-in with the elevator operator. Be prepared to show ID. Our SKYBAR menu includes fabulous infusions, craft cocktails, wines and local and imported beers including our famous Flatiron Pale Ale. The views are spectacular!

From Asheville with Love

Welcome to Asheville with Love

I love the different environments and settings at World Coffee Café. The selection of local herbal teas, coffee beverages, desserts and light food were fresh, expertly prepared and select. The street cafe seating on Battery Park Avenue is one of Asheville’s best people watching at sidewalks – locals, hipsters, veterans, tourists and musical buskers of every genre. The cafe pipes in a great downbeat, world music and jazz playlist! The inside two window seats are perfect for artists, writers, and readers. In the back, there is a myriad of spaces to enjoy conversation with friends and even a piano and congas.

In the evening I loved having cocktails and light appetizers seated at the SKYBAR terraces. Truly the miraculous views of Asheville’s western mountains.  The cafe is housed in Asheville’s Flatiron Building built in 1925’s so it has a lovely classical charm with its terrazzo marble floors and attended antique elevator.World Coffee Café is truly the center of Asheville’s Paris of the South. My memories of a light brunch with my mother – fresh orange juice mimosas and craft Bloody Mary cocktail will always be a reminder of this lovely mountain town.

Jacqueline, Pont du Gard, France

Land of Sky surrounds downtown Asheville

Land of Sky surrounds downtown Asheville

World Coffee Cafe has been home to a number of artists, poets, thinkers, musicians, dancers, sculptors, metaphysicians, scientists, healers, and philosophers. We thrive on the non-conformist, out-of-the-box spirit of innovation and creativity that gives Asheville its global reputation as a center of human evolution and inspiration. World Coffee Cafe is in the center of downtown Asheville’ surrounded by independently owned boutiques, restaurants, bookstores, hotels, theaters, and nightclubs. However, it’s more than this small metropolis that inspires the worlds most creative people to visit.

Often named the Land of the Sky (or Land-of-Sky) this mountainous region is also known as “The High Country“, Surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Situated east of the Tennessee state line and west of the Piedmont, Western North Carolina’s capital city is Asheville, North Carolina, and is perfectly located in the Western North Carolina’s center. Not far from here is the sovereign state of The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians adjacent to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The beauty of the mountains, forests, streams, rivers, and waterfalls is punctuated by a high concentration of wildlife and the most biodiverse plants and flowers in the Northern Hemisphere.